Monday, March 25, 2013

The Measure of Justice

A reflection I gave today (I've been doing a lot of those lately). They are on today's (3/25/2013) readings which may be found here (Is 42:1-7, Ps 27, Jn 12:1-11)

How has Jesus brought justice to the nations? The Gospel warns us that if we view justice as 'everyone having more than what they had' we will be like Judas. It it interesting to note that those who demand justice the most are often those who, in equal measure, neglect mercy.

Justice is not having everything be the same but rather everyone having what he needs. Jesus restores sight to those who are blind, but we should reflect on his words: “those who have eyes ought to see and those who have ears ought to hear.”

Some of us need to hear his voice: Jesus comes to us to speak through a multitude of things.
Some of us need to see him: He meets us in his creation and in his sacraments.

But those who are healthy do not need a doctor, and furthermore those whom God loves he will test. Some of us will want to hear him, but we won't. Some of us will want to see him, but it will appear as if he is hidden. In these instances God is not being unjust—he knows and gives each of us what we need, the very definition of justice.

Justice is not about merely satisfying some agenda or making all of us feel comfortable with our idea of what's fair—for some justice demands more and gives more, for others, less. Be content this day with what God has given you and be generous with others.

God has been gracious in making us a light to all nations and that, in our joys and afflictions, he is always with us. For this it is truly right and just to give him thanks and praise.