Saturday, March 16, 2013

Like a Lamb Led to Slaughter

 This a reflection on the readings for 3/16/2013. They can be found here. I would like to write more on my last paragraph. Give me your thoughts below.

The reading and the Gospel today present us with a clear message and a clear warning. If you follow God—if you follow Christ—people will slander you and plot against you. Others, however, will falsely praise you and label you with their own aspirations. We see, all the same, that when Christ failed to meet the expectations of others praise and wonder turned to anger and rejection.

There is no escape from this fate, because those who love the world will hate those who love Christ. But we can guard against such behavior among ourselves.

Scripture gives us the image: like a lamb led to the slaughter—a symbol that conveys innocence, humility, and obedience.

We must be innocent: when we proclaim Christ we must not do so when it is convenient or opportune, but in those difficult day-to-day moments when we are frustrated or rejected. Those who are wicked may win some through their malice, but we will gain more through our gentleness, patience, and persistence.

We must be humble: despite the fruits of our prayer and despite the praise we receive from ourselves and others we must recognize our sinfulness. We are weak and prone to many faults, but accepting this is the road to accepting Christ.

Finally, we must be obedient: there are some leaders and co-workers we do not like, but we cause scandal by being openly critical of them among our brothers and sisters of faith. Though we may disagree, there are times and places disagreement causes rifts that are easier to make than they are to mend.

The Gospel warns us that divisions will arise among us when we emphasize one aspect of our lives or faith above all others. When this happens, truly, each man will “go to his own house” and concern himself with his brother and sister no longer. 

The Good Shepherd will offer his lambs to the Father in a number of ways, not all of them pleasant. The Son offers those who are innocent, humble, and obedient for the benefit of his people. Be willing to be offered today.