Thursday, March 28, 2013

Made Glorious

These past reflections were all delivered by me, so that's why the diction resembles the spoken word a bit more than the written word. Please leave a comment below. This was a reflection for 3/26/2013.

Readings: Is 49:1-6, Ps 71, Jn 13:21-33, 36-38 (Link to USCCB)

Jesus was made glorious before all people, but the glory of Jesus mirrors the glory of Israel. Throughout this Lent Scripture has told us the story of Israel. We see that the glory of Israel was not only exposed through miracles, power, and victory, but that her glory was brought about by weakness, sorrow, and betrayal as well.

Jesus, the new Israel, is the same. His glory was revealed through agony, through betrayal, through ridicule, through torture, through abandonment, through injustice, through suffering, and through dying as if he were a disgraced criminal. It was because of these events that the Roman solider could say “Truly this man was the Son of God.”

In the moment it may seem as if our suffering is worthless or that our efforts have been in vain. Scripture teaches us to have hope, that we must be like a farmer who, when he plants his crop, is dependent on the rain and must trust it to bring forth the fruit of his labor.

Our recompense is with God and those who persevere with him will be blessed. But even if we should fail God is ready to accept us again—he suffered all things for our sake and he won't abandon us, even if he leaves us for a time or we leave him for a time.

Trust in him and do not think that we have spent our strength uselessly. Rather, look upon this cross this holy week, and see that there is even glory there.