Saturday, March 23, 2013

Drawing all to Him

A reflection I gave at mass today. The readings may be found here: USCCB website
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God, in his great love, wishes to gather all people to himself. In this grand campaign the Lord asks each of us to be conquerors. Greater still he asks us all to be living borders of his kingdom.

In the time of Jesus, a Jew could only seek forgiveness for his sins in the temple. The Jews considered the temple the center of God's kingdom and the borders of Israel the dwelling place of God. Jesus, when he proclaimed “Destroy this temple and I will raise it in three days” was speaking of himself. He replaced the temple of Jerusalem with himself. It is through Jesus that we are forgiven our sins and it is to Him all people should gather.

Truly, God's love is great because he gave the Jews a temple and a place to heal from their sins. His love is even greater because where many would not or could not go to the temple for healing, Jesus, the new Temple, came to them.

Jesus sends us forth, out of love, for those who do not know him. By our words and actions in this world we extend this holy place, this church, to all of those who are outside of it. We amplify the borders of this church in hope of drawing all to Christ, who is our sanctuary.

We are conquerors over sin and death when others return to Christ on account our words and deeds. Jesus, present in the holy Eucharist, is the temple where one finds pardon and peace.

Draw others to Him so that we may all rejoice in saying “We are his people, and He is our God.”