Saturday, May 4, 2013

Where the Spirit Leads

If they hated me they will hate you. If they kept my word they will also keep yours. This is a cause for hope as well as a word of caution. Christ tells us that those who hated Christ will continue to hate him in you. But there are also those whose hearts are ready to receive Him and yet they wait for you to come to them. Then when you do come to them Christ will be there for that person as well.

The Acts of the Apostles relates this notion to us. Paul and Timothy desired to go to a number of places but they could not on account of the Holy Spirit. It wasn't until a dream told Paul that Macedonia needed him that he was allowed to continue. When we mold our ministry and evangelization according to our wishes it's likely that we won't reach our goal. When we listen to the Spirit and go where it leads us we will be doing God's work in a greater capacity.

Discerning God's call can be difficult, but one manner of discerning His will is seeing what is available to us. Paul never took extraneous means to preach God's word. When he was traveling to communities already established he uplifted his brethren in those communities. When he came to a place in need of Christ's message he proclaimed it. And when he was thrown in prison he preached the Word in prison. Part of doing what God intends for us doesn't require any great plans on our part, it comes from bringing Him with you wherever you go. If you are a mother have Christ with you. If you pray for others, place them before His altar. If you labor during the day, keep His precepts with you.

In this way Christ will be alongside you and in living this way you will come to know the Spirit's will. As you grow in Him the Spirit will lead you to where you need to go. Do not abandon where you are in hopes of doing more. If the Spirit desires more he will bring more to you. Realize that 'no slave is greater than his master.' Christ was obedient to the will of the Father, doing His will one place at a time. With that same trust and obedience, let us do the same.


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