Saturday, May 25, 2013

Accept the Kingdom like a Child

This is a reflection on the daily readings for 5/25/12 (Sat) which may be found here.

When Jesus says you must be like a child, or in this case, “accept the kingdom of God like a child” there is more to it than, in a childlike way, accepting everything.

The book of Sirach teaches us what it means to be a child: a child is a symbol of our original state in creation. Sirach writes that all men were “created with knowledge in the spirit” and likewise“he puts fear of him in all flesh.”

Man was created to know, understand, fear, and love God. Many of us, being hardened to sin, no longer seek Him, fear Him, or love Him as we should. A child, on the other hand, has built into him all these things. Children express innocence and you see how devoted a child is to the parent who loves them. Since God loves them with a greater love than anyone, they cling to Him in total trust, and rightly so.

This was the original state of our creation. In error a child must be corrected, but the one who loves his parents will willingly listen when he's gone astray.

When Jesus speaks of children he speaks about innocence, but not about an innocence where we don't know anything. The innocence Jesus calls us to is where we know and trust all that we need to know.