Friday, August 3, 2012

Some ideas for upcoming pieces

As I'm writing and jotting down ideas and notes I figured I'd let you in on my secrets so that if you have any suggestions, ideas, blogs, or reading you can post it here for my benefit. Thanks again for all your support. Commenting doesn't require registration, so why not drop a sentence or two?

My ideas are as follows:

1) Something on Contraception. I've had some notes and thoughts on the idea for a long while now but perhaps it's be a good time to rehash it given a few recent conversations.

2) A piece called "Opinions are the new Dogmas" which comments on people's insistence to invoke "it's your opinion" or "we just have differing opinions." That, in reality, many who argue for this or that and settle for opinion have actually made the "idea" of an opinion the new dogma. (have to read up more on the matter though)

3) A friend suggested that I write about poverty and why, since the Catholic Church has many nice things, they don't sell it all and give it to the poor. Likewise, that that "opulence" is contrary to Christ. (or is having beautiful things contrary?) [there's a hint to my answer]

4) Broken marriages, broken families, and how this affects discussion about contraception, abortion, and marriage.

5) About the "Body of Christ" theme and how (surprise) the Catholic Church seems, by virtue of the criticism it receives, to emulate most vividly the true Body of Christ.

If you have more to say or thoughts on these subjects please share!